Like Downton, but in Penang

Indian Summers, the latest colonial drama to hit British TV via Channel 4, is set in Simla, but filmed in Penang. Malaysia’s west coast island won out, after an extensive location search that covered Simla, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Executive … read more

Outstation / Instation

Fluorescent cakes

10 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Back in Malaysia

By Ai-Leen Lim Of course you’d know if you were back in Malaysia. You just got off a 12-hour flight, your clothes cling to your skin and the taxi driver complains about GST, RM1,200 hairdos and the flip-flop policy on … read more

Brain Drain

Gabrielle crossing the Sahara desert

Play It Again, Sam

Gabrielle Wong is a librarian in Casablanca, Morocco. As intriguing as that sounds, she’s better known as founder and curator of vintage-kl, a nostalgic collection of old snapshots of the city. Name: Gabrielle Wong Age: 34 Current city: Casablanca, Morocco … read more