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A Malaysian + A Lift = A Cafe in Melbourne



Krimper, a cafe hidden away in nondescript Guildford Lane in Melbourne, is owned by Malaysian-born architect Mun Soon.

When we arrived for lunch recently, it had a lively buzz going. Opened in June 2013, the cafe has already earned a reputation for being a feast for both the eyes and taste buds. It serves contemporary Australian fare.

Tucked into a building which has had many past lives from a sawmill to a cabinet factory, Krimper’s industrial past is evident everywhere. An old lift car sits in the middle of the space, and tables are made out of an old stairway with old chairs pressed into service again.

It is a beauty.

The name? Krimper is a famous Australian furniture designer whose signature sideboard takes pride of place.

Krimper is on 20, Guildford Lane, Melbourne.