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In Pursuit of an Eco House

    BY WINSTON YONG Sunday afternoon, circa 1972 in tropical Kuala Lumpur. The anticipation of fun reaches a peak as the afternoon arrives. My extended family of uncles, aunts and more importantly for me, the army of cousins, begins … read more

Survey: Family Main Reason for Returning

  Recruitment agency Michael Page International released an interesting survey concluding that more Malaysians abroad are looking to move home, chiefly for family reasons. The survey, titled “Employee Intentions Report – Malaysia 2012″ – included 5,600 Malaysians working abroad, from … read more

My Ma-in-law Visits


Remember that feeling when you’ve been away from Malaysia for a while and you return and WOAH! The sudden braking and the swerving. The swearing. The Aedes-like ZIIIIIING of motorbikes hurtling past you. I am talking of course about Malaysian roads, which … read more

Kidzania Mania Hits KL

  You may have seen the billboards around KL. Kids dressed as doctors, cops, construction workers, reporters, under the words: “Kidzania. Get Ready for a Better World.” No thanks, I think. I’ll stay in this Worser One. At RM55 (US$18) per … read more