Paint by Chopsticks. Or Teabags.

Artist Red Hong Yi with Teh Tarik Man

Artist Red Hong Yi with Teh Tarik Man

How does one go from doodling Justin Bieber to making fine art? Trust Red Hong Yi, the self-dubbed ‘painter without a brush’ to make that leap.

Six years ago she doodled the young pop star on a plate, using ketchup and a toothpick. Inspired, the idea of painting using objects took hold and grew, literally. She now does huge installation portraits: of martial arts star Jackie Chan using 64,000 chopsticks, of a teh tarik man with 20,000 teabags, of Aung San Suu Kyi created by painstakingly dyeing 2,000 white carnations in varying shades of red.

This talented artist from Kota Kinabalu now divides her time between Shanghai and Melbourne. Listen to the stories behind her art.

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