Making Her Mark: Hwee Lo

A Malaysian friend told Outstation about meeting another Malaysian at a party in Melbourne. Which is, you know, how these things go. She’s interesting, she said. You should write about her.

Introducing Hwee Lo, tattoo artist.

Name: Hwee Lo

Age: 34

Hometown: Johor Bahru

Number of years abroad:

Started traveling on and off for work 11 years ago. I’ve had stints in places like London, Australia, Thailand and Singapore.

What do you do for a living?

Blood is part of my trade,

I inflict pain on others,

Their pain is my gain,

A tattoo artist.

What do you like about living in Australia?

Guzzling down a cold beer under the warm sun at a music festival with friends having a good time and enjoying the fun-loving gorgeous crowd. Australians are the friendliest people and I love the vibe there. Everyone is always laid back, understanding and supportive. I also love the weather, outdoor lifestyle, multiculturalism, food and nightlife!

What do you not?

Cost of living is high and it’s quite expensive to get drunk.

What do you miss about Malaysia?

1) Definitely my family and friends.

2) Back lane nasi kandar (steamed rice with a variety of curries and side dishes) and mamak stalls (Indian Muslim establishment)!

3) Amazing landscape of beach, forest and kelapa sawit (oil palm trees).

What do you not miss about Malaysia?

Environmental ignorance and the ruling government.

Would you move back? Why?

Traveling is enriching but I belong in Malaysia. I’d move back to be with my family and friends. I miss speaking in Malay and Chinese dialects especially when ordering food at local stalls.

Anything else you want to add?

Malaysia, truly Asia!

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