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What a weekend, eh? Whatever you think of how events played out, I think we can all agree Saturday’s massive Bersih rally was one of the most important days in recent Malaysian history. And Malaysians abroad played no small part.

Who said those who’ve left don’t care?

In more than 30 countries, from Melbourne to Christchurch to Chicago to Uppsala to Amman to Colombo to Kursk, Russia (!), Malaysians gave up a precious Saturday to make their feelings known at gatherings big and small. Clean elections – we all want them. had grand plans for a photo gallery from around the world. But thanks to my own technical incompetence, and the fact that I spent the day at Bersih KL, and…and…the fact that if I didn’t do the laundry the kids would have no clean school uniform to wear…well, others beat me to it. (Check out this Global Bersih VideoBersih’s Facebook Page and individual country pages.)

But thank goodness for our trusty Outstation photographers Sun Chee Yan in Los Angeles, Yin Foong Lim in London, and Paul Boon in Melbourne, we have some photos to share.

Bersih, Los Angeles

Bersih, LA (Pic: Sun Chee Yan)



Bersih, LA. (Pic: Sun Chee Yan)

Bersih, Melbourne (Pic: Paul Boon)

And now, London…

Bersih, London (Pic: Yin Foong Lim)

Bersih, London (Pic: Yin Foong Lim)

For a good scene setter on the London gathering, see Emily Ding’s account on Emily is a woman after my own heart (even if her heart is about 15 years younger…), intent on telling the stories of those she calls “Malaysians-at-large.” If you haven’t already checked out, you should anyway.

Finally, I know you’re all drowning in eye-witness accounts of what happened in KL on Saturday, but here are a couple more! I picked these because they mix humor with insight.

The first is from Marcus van Geyzel, a KL lawyer who runs the LoyarBurok site, whose piece “Bersih: The Perfect Assembly, Almost” is the perfect mix of food tour and protest rally.

The second is by Andrew Zhu An Loh, whose “Who to Blame for the Storming of the Barricades at Bersih” is both very funny and very illuminating.

(Thanks to Monica Voon in KL, who pointed out both pieces…)



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