1) Who’s eligible and what do they have to show to buy discounted tickets?
Registered Malaysian voters. I can’t automate this on our website, so we’ll set up a dedicated email address. Besides passport and other info, main thing we need is IC number. Then we can check via SPR website to confirm voter status. Then we set up booking and email back a booking ref number. You can then use Manage My Booking on AirAsia.com to make payment via credit card.
2) how much discount?
Haven’t fixed it yet since we don’t know exact travel period but I’m targeting out Big Sale promo fares – eg AUD199 one-way, 398 return from Oz.
3) how many tickets will you set aside? Percentage of flight?
3. Again depends when and how many seats available. Can’t determine now. Rough estimate about 1000 seats.
4) from what to what period?
Timing depends on couple of weeks pre and post elections but will only finalize when we know when exactly.
5) how will you know if people actually Vote after availing themselves of your discount?!
6) from which countries? Including Singapore?
For now I can only speak for AAX. So only AAX destinations. I don’t know whether AirAsia will also follow. (We’re separate airlines.)
7) anything else you wanna add….
I really have no idea what the take-up rate is going to be. It’s a manual process where my team will answer emails and process individual bookings. So appreciate patience is we’re flooded.
Based on emails received, it’s first-come-first-served based on when we open emails.

Azran Osman-Rani
AirAsia X Berhad

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