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CHEN MAY YEE is a Malaysian journalist who’s lived in Singapore, New York, Boston, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Bristol, UK. She’s left Kuala Lumpur three times and come back every time, most recently with a husband and two kids in tow.

She has written homesick essays like this one in The Nut Graph, and appeared in a New York Times article on Malaysia’s brain drain. She has also rated government incentives for returnees on the Malaysian Insider.

She writes about life as a returnee at Onebrainblog.wordpress.com. Write to her at [email protected]


KOH SIN YEE is a doctoral researcher in Human Geography at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

She blogs about her thesis on tertiary-educated Malaysians in London, Singapore and returnees to Kuala Lumpur and would love any suggestions and comments.



SUN CHEE YAN hails from KL and has recently developed a passionate interest in ensuring that every Malaysian’s vote counts.

Having seen enough mismanagement and corruption, photography is Chee Yan’s way to ensure that the vote that matters will leave a lasting legacy for generations.

Chee Yan tries to show the spirit of yellow-ness and Malaysia through the silent voices of images captured during Bersih events.


AI-LEEN LIM is a freelance writer who lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

She’s worked as a lawyer, business journalist and PR manager in Kuala Lumpur and now stays in touch with the city she misses by writing for Malaysian companies and publications.

She only heads into London for food, yoga or her monthly column in The Star, “A Malaysian Abroad.”


CHRISTOPHER YONG returned in 1999 after not having lived in Malaysia since the age of six. He has worked in Singapore, Hong Kong and London in a number of design disciplines, although his training is in graphics.

The state of contemporary design in Malaysia continues to simultaneously fascinate him and render him aghast.

Christopher designed Outstation’s suitcase.


WONG WEI KIM is a parent in Kuala Lumpur and chief researcher and keeper of Outstation’s International School Directory. She spent months combing through web sites, organizing data, e-mailing and calling schools and – in some cases- begging for information. All so you don’t have to.

So use it! Or she will get mad.

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