a post, a station, or settlement in a remote or outlying area


(in Malaysia) away from (the speaker’s) town or area

(from Dictionary.com)

One million Malaysians live and work abroad, according to the World Bank. In numbers, it’s a sliver of the country’s 28 million, but it’s a sliver that causes much hand-wringing.

(Brain drain! Traitors! Lucky things!)

Every year, another wave moves away, drawn by school, work or love. Or for the freedom to be who they want to be. They go to Singapore, Australia, Europe and the US, and increasingly to less traditional destinations –  China, Indonesia, South Africa.

And every year, a few swim against the tide and return.

(Are they crazy? Lucky things!)

This is a small attempt at stripping away the judgement, getting the diaspora talking.

After all, a Malaysian in Milan, Miami or….(fill in the blanks) is still a Malaysian at heart.

They’re just, you know,….Outstation.

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